Winter at Ponoi


Have you ever wondered what happens at a world-class fishing camp when the season is closed? Here is a quick look at the “behind the scenes” winter operations at the Ponoi River. The Ryabaga Camp, which is located on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, welcomes “in the know” salmon fishermen from late May through early October. The rest of the year is spent on strategic supply missions, which use the abundant snowfall to their advantage, military-style tanks tow huge sleds across the frozen tundra and deliver goods to the camp.

To date, four round trips have been made from Lovozero to the Ponoi delivering the season’s supply of diesel (for the generators) and benzene (for the boats).

  • 1st trip, 17.000 liters of Diesel + 150 propane tanks.
  • 2nd trip 17.000 liters of Diesel + 100 propane tanks + 1 ton of insulation for buildings.
  • 3rd trip 17.000 liters of Benzene + 2 tons of insulation.
  • 4th trip 17.000 liters of Benzene + 1 ton of insulation.

There are no roads and these are slow moving caravans –the tanks go maximum 10-15 kilometers per hour, so each 260 km trip takes 3 days, one way, to complete. The crew sleeps inside the tanks!

The days are getting longer, though, and Ryabaga’s May 23 opening date is around the corner. There is still prime space available throughout the season; call Mollie Fitzgerald or Leigh Buches at 1-800-245-1950 for details.

By: Mollie Fitzgerald

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