United Arab Emirates

The Arabian Gulf is a shallow body of water with a huge abundance of life. It is quite astonishing the amount of fish in the middle of Dubai under the towering skyscrapers and luxury motels. The Palm and World Islands have changed the face of Dubai but more importantly created huge habitats for small fish with attracts the game fish. It’s truly a unique experience as you are at times fishing in front of the 7 Star Burj Al Arab Hotel, Atlantis Hotel or the 200 skyscrapers in the Dubai Marina. The main targeted species are the ever-present queenfish which is truly a perfect fly rod species. They are big, aggressive and jump once hooked making for an amazing visual experience. Other species include milkfish, golden trevally, yellow dot trevally, orange spot trevally, cobia kingfish and many more.

Dubai is often experienced as a stopover for anglers en route to Seychelles as Dubai is popular connecting hub- or for those on a family/beach holiday looking for bit of fishing.