When a Cup is More Than a Cup

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“Hey Cory, I’ve got an idea,” Saltwater Department Manager, Joe Codd said during an early planning meeting about exhibiting at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show.

In my 10-year career in marketing, it’s not uncommon for a meeting to begin with “I have an idea.” Part of my job is to assess these suggestions and determine if they align with the Frontiers brand while creating a memorable experience for our clients.

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Cory Van Horn, Tom Gilliland and Joe Codd

“I’m listening,” I said, as Joe proceeded with his suggestion; that Frontiers should supply all of the beverage cups for the show.

Over the years, the Somerset Fly Fishing Show has evolved into one of the largest annual gatherings of fishing friends and professionals in the country. Anglers both near and far attend educational seminars, casting demonstrations and wait in line to have books signed by their favorite celebrities. They then walk the aisles of vendors with their fishing buddy looking for the latest gear or next travel destination.

Often times this comradery includes a beverage in their hand as they walk the show floor. Throughout the three-day event, throngs of attendees also gather at the hotel lounge next door to share a meal and swap stories from their travels. It feels like a family reunion of sorts.

Cup SidesSupplying the show with cups caught my attention. One side would be imprinted with the Frontiers logo while the other read “Grip & Grin” in the shape of fish – a play on words for a term often used to describe an angler being photographed while holding a fish before it is released back into the water. This was the type of out-of-the-box idea that would help introduce Frontiers to those not familiar with our services and give our existing clients a refreshing reminder about how much we love the sport.

While the cups provided excellent brand exposure, they also served as a launching pad for a new eco initiative at the show. Over 5,000 cups were used throughout the weekend. Our branded cups are 100% compostable, reducing the amount of plastic introduced into the waste stream. We hope to work collaboratively with the show organizers to broaden eco and conservation practices at future shows.

“Conservation and promoting ways to preserve the environment is an important part of our company culture,” President, Mike Fitzgerald explains. Mike serves on multiple conservation boards including the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. The company also has long-standing relationships with lodge partners who have championed catch and release programs in their parts of the world.

What began as a simple idea became so much more at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. It was a way to initiate a robust dialogue among fly fishers, while taking a step forward in preserving the environment for future generations.

By: Cory Van Horn, Marketing Director