Three Incredible Days of Fishing in Patagonia


Fly Fishing in Coyhaique:  Day 1

Today was the first day on the water in Coyhaique and we hit a secret spot near the Emprador Guillerimo. Last pool in a narrow valley and this pig materialized to sip a beetle off the glass calm surface. I was expecting a fish, but not this fish. Check out the colors! This place is spectacular.


Bouncing Beetle Patterns on the Huemules: Day 2

A bit breezy today and we fished on the Chilean / Argentine border on the Huemules bouncing beetle patterns off the banks. If you weren’t inches – literally inches – from the banks it was all for naught, but if you were, healthy fat rewards came to hand. Keep tuned in and we will be home on Wednesday, December 18 to answer questions.


Today Was Epic: Day 3

Today was epic. We found a secret spot with huge bows on dry flies. Watched glossy fish emerge from 3 to 20 feet of water to sip hoppers from the surface in the shadows of some of the most amazing peaks in Patagonia. You need to see this to believe it, seriously, epic.

By: Hank Ingram, South America Department Manager