The Advantages of Fishing with Barry and Cathy Beck


This past June, I realized there was one room open for three nights at Kingfisher Lodge on the Bighorn River in Montana during the annual Barry and Cathy Beck’s Hosted Trip in late August. That never happens! I mentioned the opening to Cathy and she replied “come join the party!” So I did.


Barry and Cathy Beck are the consummate hosts, not only during their two weeks on the Bighorn with 12 guests each week, but also on their many hosted travels around the globe. While I have had the pleasure of working and getting to know the Becks over 20 plus years, I haven’t had the opportunity to see them “in the field” working their magic with the guests and fish.


In addition, it was a thrill to finally meet several of the Frontiers’ clients that I have worked with over the years, who regularly travel with the Becks to the Bighorn. To be honest, I wondered why the Becks would want to host back to back weeks on the Bighorn on the same last two weeks in August since the early 1980s. Once I spent three days with the Becks fishing on the Bighorn I totally understood. It’s pure fly fishing at its best. Being able to dry fly fish for tons of tricos in the mornings and then throwing nymphs and streamers (and sometimes a few more dries) in the afternoons make for an incredible experience. I was able to reel beautiful large rainbows and gorgeous big browns into hand throughout my trip. The Bighorn is one of the best tailwater rivers in the world with over 6,000 trout per mile.


Kingfisher Lodge owner, Matt McMeans and his veteran guide staff, along with a culinary staff that prepares absolutely wonderful meals makes for a perfect late summer week of fishing with the Becks in Montana. I have my fingers crossed there will be room open for me next year.

829 BIGHORN 2017

Reasons Why You Should Book a Barry and Cathy Beck Hosted Trip

  • They do everything possible to ensure their clients are enjoying their trip, alwaysThe Becks are so in tuned with the details, both large and small are taken care of. From a client’s medical condition that requires additional attention on the trip, a dietary restriction, just remembering a client’s favorite dessert or if they like to have coffee with it after dinner. Details are important to the Becks.
  • They are seasoned travelers and they assist with any travel issues or concerns. Barry and Cathy Beck are there with clients for the entire trip – assisting with ground transfers, flight schedules and any other possible issues that might turn up along the journey.
  • They are always well-prepared with extra gear for anyone who may forget something or if a rod breaks, you forgot extra tippet, need sunscreen and everything in between.
  • They have prize nights and awards that are given out throughout the trip, which some lucky person may leave with a new Sage rod, reel, fishing shirt, nice assortment of flies or one of their awesome Beck Photography books.
  • They are excellent instructors on many fronts especially helping with casting and photography. Barry loves to talk and and give pointers to anyone interested in looking through a camera lens. While Cathy is truly one of the best casting instructors in the world.
  • Most importantly, the Becks are genuinely nice folks and really fun to be around! Just ask any of the many clients that book year after year on the Beck’s departures!

I invite you to sign up for the Bighorn trip in 2018 before the space fills up!


By: Denise Schreiber

  • I fished with Barry and Cathy a few years ago in Bolivia for golden dorado, and they were the consummate hosts. Frontiers is fortunate to have the Becks as ambassadors for their fishing program.

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