Laguna Verde: Where the Big Rainbows Live

C.H. and his son-in-law set out on a quest to fish in one of the more remote destinations offered in Argentina. Their goal was to tackle the famed Laguna Verde, aka Jurassic Lake, for the large rainbows that cruise the clear waters. The following photos and interview with Mr. H. offer a glimpse into their experience.

One of the Bays at Lago StrobelLocated in the heart of Patagonia, Laguna Verde is an oasis for the traveling fly fisherman. Although the wind swept plains go on for miles in all directions, this lake is a beacon for those who are looking to tangle with monster rainbows on light tackle.

Kevin w Fish Sea Bay“The other great place was Dry Fly Bay. It was the most intense fishing experience I’ve ever had. We were getting fish on nearly every cast. The fish were feeding in an area about 4-6 feet deep where the waves were breaking on shore. In about one hour, I netted about eight fish, had two break off the tip of my hook and another hook was straightened (should have loosened the drag). My son-in-law had one take off toward the middle of the lake and couldn’t turn him. He was having so much fun that he switched to a dry fly and netted three fish, losing several others,” C.H. and his son-in-law said.

Chuck w 17.6 lb Rainbow Barrancoso R.“We had a lot of fun on the Barrancoso River. It was low and we had to fish the few pools that remained. Kevin fished a pool that yielded five fish, including the 17.6 lb. rainbow. The others were in the 5-8 lb. range. It is hard for me to believe that five fish that large would pack into a single, small pool. In the United States we would call it a stream. It must be awesome when it is running full. Our guide told us that you catch many 10-20 lb. fish in the river in November and December.”

Chuck and Martin at Homestead Cabin nr Dry Fly Bay“We had a wonderful trip.  It was the fishing opportunity of a lifetime.”

By: Ben Hoffman, Senior Program Manager

Photos are used with permission from the client.