Autumn in the American West: A Perfect Time for Navigating Montana’s Rivers (Part 3)

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Montana has designated their best trout streams “Blue Ribbon,” and the Missouri River lived up to our expectations. The drive up was spectacular with the sunrise over the mountains. The river is dam controlled and this creates a very consistent water temperature and enhances aquatic insect life, which is ideal for the browns and rainbows. In terms of fish per mile, the Missouri is one of the best in the state. Even in late October in abundant sunshine, we had rising fish through most of the day and we were able to nail a few on top. The nymphing remained phenomenal.

I met our guide, Blake, at Martin Pescador Lodge in Chile and was thrilled that he guides in Montana on some of my favorite waters. We had a wonderful day with lots of large Montana trout. This evening, we are checking in at The Missouri River Ranch and are looking forward to a great dinner. We will be back on the Missouri tomorrow!

By: Mike Fitzgerald, Jr., President