June, 2020: Thank you for your continued patience during this difficult and confusing time. We appreciate your many calls and inquiries in recent weeks, and we’re happy to finally report that there is some progress toward opening the state to non-Alaskan resident travelers for the 2020 fishing season. Governor Dunleavy has just announced a loosening of the restrictions on interstate travel. Until now, travelers from out-of-state have been required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Alaska. Effective June 5, you will no longer need to self-quarantine – instead, you’ll need to be tested for Covid-19 within 72 hours of boarding your flight and receive a negative result. In addition, the State of Alaska will have an online form you will be required to fill out and present along with proof of your negative test results upon landing in Alaska.

Under the new policy for travelers, some native communities like King Salmon, Dillingham, and Illiamna with limited health care infrastructure may still restrict incoming non-essential travel, Dunleavy said. We will continue to monitor and update developments in these communities as they are essential to some of our lodge logistics to transit through these communities.

This is great news and a significant step forward toward hosting summer guests. Our lodges priority remains the health and safety of our guests, staff, and families. Once lodges open, they will continue to take extra precautions to ensure sanitary conditions and safe operation for all guests. Dunleavy said the state will “strongly, strongly encourage” travelers to be tested before they come to Alaska “because if they come off the plane without a test, it may take a while for them to leave the terminal before they’re tested and we get the results. So, it’s going to be more of an inconvenience just because of the nature of the test and the time it takes for the test to determine if one is negative or positive.” Prerequisites for getting a COVID-19 test vary widely among states and local

communities. While some places have testing available for anyone who wants it, in other areas, someone might need to have a doctor’s referral or be showing symptoms of the illness before they can be tested.


As son of the Frontiers founders, Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. was brought up in the outdoor travel business. He has handled a number of sporting programs for Frontiers through the years. Today as President, Mike works closely with the Senior Management Team and the department heads and is quite involved with the Southern Hemisphere freshwater programs. Mike loves to travel with his fly rods, shotguns and cameras. He is passionate about trout, salmon and conservation. He sits on the boards of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.