June, 2014: After dove shooting, we were ending our stay in Argentina stalking stag.  We were met after breakfast at Pica Zuro Lodge by Jesus and Oswaldo from Rincon de Luna.  This incredible stag estancia is southwest of Cordoba, about 3 hours from the Cordoba Airport.  As the crow flies, it is only miles from the city.  The drive into the mountains is incredibly scenic as clients rise to over 5000′ in elevation. The last part of the drive is for 4WD vehicles only!

When you see where the lodge was built on the side of a mountain with sweeping valley views, you will develop an appreciation for the quality of the accommodations.  The lodge sleeps six clients in three private bedrooms, each with full bathroom facilities, each including a jetted jacuzzi tub.  The lodge has a great living room with awesome views, a bar, game room, and wine cellar… where we had dinner the last night. While most of the staff speaks very little English, it was a wonderful crew committed to service.

The ranch is over 30,000 acres and the terrain looks like Iceland meeting western Montana.  There are huge rock canyons with lush draws and lots of springs, creeks, ponds, and two rivers (the trout were rising by the way!).  This is an ideal habitat for the red stag.  Access to the hunting areas is by horse or 4WD Toyota trucks.

On arrival, we were given a full tour of the facilities a debriefed about our upcoming days.  We borrowed a gun from Rincon de Luna, which we took to the range.  This late model Ruger 300 Win Mag had a Zeiss scope and was spot on at 100 meters.  Our host, Rodrigo (he is part of the family who owns the property) wined and dined us the first evening and we were excited to get into the field the next morning.

By Mike Fitzgerald, Jr.


As son of the Frontiers founders, Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. was brought up in the outdoor travel business. He has handled a number of sporting programs for Frontiers through the years. Today as President, Mike works closely with the Senior Management Team and the department heads and is quite involved with the Southern Hemisphere freshwater programs. Mike loves to travel with his fly rods, shotguns and cameras. He is passionate about trout, salmon and conservation. He sits on the boards of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.