May, 2014:
Dear PRC Community,

It is my pleasure to report that the 2014 salmon season is nearly upon us! Though the Kola remains chilly, and the spring colors have yet to fully return, Ryabaga is buzzing with life. 2014 Ryabaga Camp Manager Joaquin Arocena is headed to camp today, alongside Boris Machnev, Ruslan Ryadovkin, and Big Dan Shelekov. This crew represents the second wave of Guide arrivals in camp, and they will be joining forces with the Mechanic Team in order to get boat and fishing logistics complete. The Mechanics have been hard at work for some time, painting/prepping boats and readying engines for the first wave of anglers. In fact, across the board, Ryabaga is seeing a level of preparedness that is truly impressive. Tents and shelters are largely in place, and our little Kola village is ready to welcome the Kitchen and Camp Staff on Friday. These folks will make final preparations for guests, and ensure that all possible comforts are in place when the first group of Ponoi anglers makes landfall. It is always remarkable to see how Ryabaga can emerge from an Arctic winter with such elegance and charm.

The weather on the Kola remains chilly and grey, though the snow is melting fast as springtime temperatures return. By week’s end we should see sunny skies and temps in the 8-10 C range. The river is open in places, and as river ice continues to melt, we hope to see a final breakup in the next few days. Fortunately the banks are clear, and once the ice goes out, fishing access should be easy and safe. All of these signs, and the return of friends into Ryabaga, speak to the excitement and energy that comes with spring on Ponoi. Another season of angling lies just around the corner; camp is bigger and better and more comfortable than ever, and the staff we’ve assembled is top-flight. We, like you, are eager to see Ponoi shake loose the last bits of winter, so that we may once more enjoy the bounty that lies beneath the ice. 2014 will no doubt be a season to remember, and we are more than eager to share it with you.

Until then,
Steve Estela

Ponoi River Company CEO


As son of the Frontiers founders, Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. was brought up in the outdoor travel business. He has handled a number of sporting programs for Frontiers through the years. Today as President, Mike works closely with the Senior Management Team and the department heads and is quite involved with the Southern Hemisphere freshwater programs. Mike loves to travel with his fly rods, shotguns and cameras. He is passionate about trout, salmon and conservation. He sits on the boards of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.