Frontiers client, Art R., recently returned from his tenth trip to New Zealand. This is his fifth trip to Owen River Lodge where he traveled with Barry and Cathy Beck. Based on the photos below, the fishing definitely did not disappoint. Art landed 30 wild brown trout that were up to 9.5 lbs. and mostly on dry flies!

Below is a collection of images from his trip. Since Art is a little camera shy, his guide, Greg, posed for the camera while Art took the shot.


Photo3Day 1: Art’s kiwi adventure saw him land seven wild browns – all on the dry!


Photo4Day 2: There was a little shower, with Art landing two browns at 6 and 8 lbs.


Photo5Day 3: It really heated up with Art hooking 10 wild browns and landing eight of them – up to 8.5 lbs.


Photo6Day 4: Art landed five wild browns ranging between 6 and 7.5 lbs.


Photo7Day 5: A successful day with four stunning browns at 7 lbs.


Photo8Day 6: We love Art’s description of his last day: “Last fish – last cast – last pool – last day – perfect!” He landed three fish including this stonking 9.5 lb. wild New Zealand brown trout!


To learn more about fishing opportunities in New Zealand, contact Kristene Fitzgerald or Sue Szakelyhidi at 1-800-245-1950.

As son of the Frontiers founders, Mike Fitzgerald, Jr. was brought up in the outdoor travel business. He has handled a number of sporting programs for Frontiers through the years. Today as President, Mike works closely with the Senior Management Team and the department heads and is quite involved with the Southern Hemisphere freshwater programs. Mike loves to travel with his fly rods, shotguns and cameras. He is passionate about trout, salmon and conservation. He sits on the boards of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.